Bitpay to stop operations during Segwit2x

Bitpay to stop operations during Segwit2x

Representatives of a large payment processor Bitpay said that they would suspend the platform operation for the time of carrying out the Segwit2x hard fork.

The processor and its services, such as Copay and Bitpay Vis, will not be available to users for 24 hours to avoid unexpected problems. The developers warn that users should be more careful, since there is a probability of the chain separation, and many transactional bitcoins can be lost.

At the same time, if the chain with smaller value is saved after the blockchain separation, Bitpay will provide its customers with access to bitcoins.

Bitpay representatives explain that if there is a majority in Segwit2x, then the smaller chain will be called BC1, if Segwit2x is in the minority, then the big chain will be called BC2. The developers also add that the company will not provide its services for the BC1 chain.

Many independent developers have spoken out against the hard fork and BitPay plans in particular.

The Segwit2x hard fork will be held on November 16 at block No. 494 784.


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