Blockchain News in Sweden: Innovative Blockchain Applications

Blockchain News in Sweden: Innovative Blockchain Applications

Sweden keeps using blockchain for property transactions, expands its crypto exchange and plans to launch E-Krona. These and other news of Swedish crypto world are here in the digest.

Blockchain in energy sector

From May, 2017 – Vattenfall, the energy company owned by the Swedish state, experiments with blockchain technology in the energy sector.
The organization has joined forces with 22 European firms to enable peer-to-peer transactions on the energy market with DLT.
According to companies, decentralization of the energy industry will help to reduce costs due to the elimination of the middle parties.


March, 2018 – Software company Symantec Corp has reported that Sweden becomes a cryptojacker oasis.
Cryptojackers are stealing the capacity and energy to mine crypto coins. According to Symantec, in this case, hackers don’t put themselves under risk.
Sweden is countries with high-power computers and big interest in crypto coins, therefore, illegal mining is widespread there. 


March 30, 2018 – Sweden is planning to release its own national cryptocurrency E-Krona based on IOTA.
Riksbank – The Swedish Central Bank sees the national crypto coin as the equivalent to traditional fiat currency. However, it is going to be used for minor transactions.
To launch E-Krona, CB has partnered with 19 other organizations, and the project is expected to ready by late 2019.

Crypto exchanges

June 13, 2018 – The Swedish crypto exchange, BTCX, has acquired a crypto trading platform Nova.  
Now the exchange is planning to expand to most of the world countries and to add new digital coins ton the trading list.
Let’s remember that in June 2017, the exchange platform was joined by the member of Swedish Parliament Mathias Sundin. The politician’s aim was to bring attention to one of the oldest European BTC exchanges.

Property transactions on blockchain

June 15, 2018 – Swedish land-ownership authority, the Lantmäteriet, and a group of partnering banks and companies have completed the third phase of the blockchain pilot project regarding land ownership.

Together with such organizations as SBAB Bank and Landshypotek, companies have testified property transactions with DLT. For instance, they have conducted a transaction between a buyer and a seller with the digital signature verification.

The advantage of DLT use in real estate industry is the risk reduction and elimination of paperwork.

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