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Kodak released its own mining device

Kodak released its own mining device

Kodak decided to enter the market of mining devices, releasing Kodak KashMiner. It was presented at CES, which was held in Las Vegas. The license for its production was given to Spotlite Energy Systems. Together with Kodak, they will lease the devices for two years at a price of $3,400.

The companies estimated that the average income of one miner would be $9,000 in two years. But the contract states that 50% of the coins will belong to the supplier, since they will take care of maintenance and repairs.

Kodak released its own mining device

In addition, Kodak announced plans to create its own blockchain platform and launch an ICO for KodakCoin.

Company representatives note that KodakCoin will give photographers the opportunity to monitor observance of copyright on their work more closely.


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