“My Ambition Is to Communicate Topics That Matter” – The Story of Tanja Bivic Plankar, President at Blockchain Alliance Europe

“My Ambition Is to Communicate Topics That Matter” – The Story of Tanja Bivic Plankar, President at Blockchain Alliance Europe

She always intended to emphasize important issues in the society. She has been a journalist and TV editor, presenting news. Once, she decided to become a part of the crypto world and today she presents the possibilities of the blockchain technology. She is the President at Blockchain Alliance Europe – Tanja Bivic Plankar.

We have talked with Tanja about the beginning of her career, vision of the blockchain technology, main business aims and future plans.

“I always wanted to draw people’s attention to topical issues” 

My ambition has always been to effectively and ethically communicate the topics that matter by searching for synergies between the experts and lay public. For 12 years, I have worked on a Slovenian national television and changed many roles during that period. I was a journalist, a presenter, a TV editor and a digital media editor. 

This gave me a unique insight into how digital transformation and new media are rapidly reducing the power of television. Indeed, that was a valuable learning experience and a reminder that an ability to quickly adapt to the change is a necessity in the modern age.  

“I realized blockchain will remain in history and I wanted to be its part”

I could say the blockchain technology has been sort of a family business and I’ve been learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining, exchanges, smart contracts and similar for years. What is more, I have been very fortunate to learn from the best. 

Human history is made of a few turning points, the last one being digital revolution and the invention of the Internet. Even though I was too young to witness those changes in person, their impact is undeniable. And I quickly realized that blockchain – a powerful new technology described as something from William Gibson’s science fiction novels – is the new milestone in history. I just wanted to be a part of what will surely remain in history books as a breakthrough of our generation.

“My aim is to popularize blockchain projects and make the technology widely adopted”

After my career in television media, I started to work as a press relations and communications representative for several blockchain projects. No matter their number and industry vertical, they were all facing a similar challenge: how to effectively communicate their project’s vision by harnessing the power of this amazing new technology. 

Similarly, this also remains my main objective in the role of the president of Blockchain Alliance, an economic-interest group, connecting companies working in the blockchain ecosystem. So, I’ve been working in the same profession all the time. It is its content that is changing.

I still advocate for blockchain technology and strive to present its benefits, all leading to its mass adoption. It is also important to emphasize that the times have quickly changed. Last year was all about ICOs, so the main conversation evolved around the possibilities to make a fast earning, whereas this year we can clearly see the industry maturing and it is time to put a spotlight on the products, solutions and wider industry possibilities for blockchain implementation. 

“With Blockchain Alliance Europe, I remove mysteries surrounding blockchain”

Today, my Blockchain Alliance Europe – an economic-interest grouping – is connecting companies that are a part of a blockchain ecosystem. My main focus is to raise awareness, leading to the mass adoption and demystification of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

With the group, I would like to shed a light on the importance of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies among both the professional and lay public. This is also the reason we are actively seeking connections within different blockchain communities in Europe and broader.

All of our representatives are convinced that the adoption of blockchain technology, followed with its smart regulation, can impact and improve our daily lives. For that, several members of Blockchain Alliance work closely with the Slovenian Government in the field of changing the relevant legislation.

“My mission is to help blockchain startups overcome difficulties”

We closely monitor the business development of all of our members to be able to help them with several obstacles on their way. For example, the outdated legislation which has not managed to adapt to digital era, let alone the blockchain technology, can cause them many problems. To continue, blockchain in the mainstream media still has a negative connotation due to their insufficient knowledge, leading the reporters to be easily manipulated by market swings or fake news. 

However, it is important to emphasize that the majority of blockchain companies has similar problems as any other startup: scalability, staffing, time-to-market speed and of course, convincing the target audiences to not only test, but use their products. That is why it is essential that blockchain companies are treated as startups so they can receive more favourable and fair conditions, smarter regulation and stable environment to be able to develop their businesses and most importantly, innovate for the sake of the entire society. 

Currently, my place is definitely within Blockchain Alliance Europe, where I will continue with my mission to spread the word about blockchain and its mass adoption. It is definitely too early for me to talk about a distant future. But I can say with certainty that the pace of blockchain business doesn’t allow one to get easily bored, and I will probably not run out of challenges anytime soon. 

Tanja Bivic Plankar will be a speaker at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm and will talk about the ICOs’ innovations and regulatory framework. Don’t miss a chance to learn more about topical issues from the expert at first hand!

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