The USA remains a leader in amount of bitcoin ATMs

The USA remains a leader in amount of bitcoin ATMs

Twice as many bitcoin ATMs were installed in May in comparison with April: their amount increased by 6.8% in the world and by 8% in North America. It definitely means that cryptocurrency popularity is growing.

Financial experts relate installation of new ATMs with the rapid increase of bitcoin prices observed in May 2017.

According to the website (global interactive map of bitcoin ATMs), now there are 1272 terminals selling virtual money. 95 of them started functioning in May. North America, Great Britain and Japan are leaders in the number of installed equipment.

Similar to the previous month, the rating of the amount of operating ATMs is headed by the USA (860 point), Canada (170) and Great Britain (68). North America (the USA + Canada) hosts the majority of world’s active bitcoin ATMs (81% of global number).

The website does not include Russia’s data, although has informed of two functioning bitcoin ATMs (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) in March. Statistics of is based on the data of two major electronic terminal manufacturers and does not include information on machines installed independently.

Even taking into account statistical discrepancy, figures show that world’s bitcoin infrastructure is poorly developed. Europe, Asia and Russia should make the difficult way in order to create efficient cryptocurrency economy, and installation of bitcoin ATMs is just one of the tasks.


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