Winners of the Altcoin Creation Contest

Winners of the Altcoin Creation Contest

Organizer of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm, Smile-Expo, is happy to announce the winners of the altcoin creation contest!

The winners are users with these ideas:
ForwardCoin – a token which will be donated through charity and used in supermarkets. The aim – to relieve hunger in the world.

HOW – cryptocurrency for knowledge sharing on Q&A platforms such as Quora. The aim – to improve the quality and the amount of answers, and reward experts.

CEC (Consumer Electronics Coin) – crypto that will be received while buying home appliance or electronic gadgets. Using IoT and blockchain, coin is aimed at creating incentive for high-quality products and market for 'modular parts' that can be reused in other machines and upgraded.

The prize for the winners – tickets with full admission to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm! All other participants are getting the discount for visiting the conference!

The details will be sent to all participants of the contest via E-mail. Don’t miss a message from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm!


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